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English VFR Communication is based on practical experience and situations faced by any pilot on an international VFR flight. Any student - user of the Application needs to have reasonably good general English communication skills to be able to use the appropriate aviation phraseology. Each of the Application chapters offers the possibility to listen to sample recordings of communications in various VFR flight situations recorded by professionals and experienced pilots. You can also record, listen to and keep improving your own communication skills. This functionality is strengthened by animations showing various aircraft positions in the circuit and around the airport as well as providing examples of correct announcements.  Also, you can listen to actual flight communication recorded during VFR flights over various countries of Europe, North America and Africa. These recordings are sorted according to various phases of flight in order for you to be able to hear several alternatives by controllers of various nationalities. 

All the study material is complemented by videos and photographs of real life situations which will help you memorize and understand the theory much faster. Each chapter also contains a knowledge test which will enable you evaluate your theoretical knowledge and ability to correctly understand the messages transmitted by the controllers.

The Application can assist anyone wishing to acquire good and reliable knowledge of VFR communication skills even before their first international flight. Specifically, it can serve best the following customers:

Application content – chapters

Over one thousand English VFR Communication textbooks sold

The textbook covers all the potential situations that a VFR pilot on an international flight may encounter. Similarly to this Application, it is divided up into 10 sections corresponding to the various types of situations that VFR pilots need to handle. The textbook is currently available only in Czech language but should there be interest among international pilots, we are ready to publish an international version with explanatory notes in English. The textbook can be used as a complementary learning tool to this Application.

Presentations and lectures

In addition to publishing an aviation magazine Flying Revue and website www.flying-revue.com, we have been providing lectures on flying VFR internationally to many interested pilots and presentations of our world-wide flight expeditions to the aviation community as well as VFR pilots. These have been supported by many radio, TV and other public appearances.  

Multimedia exhibitions

Since 2015, our Flying Revue aviation web and magazine has organised several multi-media exhibitions displaying aerial photos and videos. The attendance and interest in these exhibitions have been overwhelming. We are therefore planning to do more of these also outside Czech Republic. If you are interested in learning more or would like to organise one in your area, feel free to contact us. 

Over 600 flight hours of English VFR communication recordings

During our global aviation expeditions we fly constantly with action cameras under the wings and a photo camera in the cabin. In addition to that, we also record the flight communication over many countries in several continents. Over the years we have created a large audiobank of VFR communication recordings. This enabled us to include in the Application over 330 recordings of actual communications. These are intended to help you understand and communicate in an international aviation environment. 

PPL VFR pilots

Flying just around your own airport can only be fun for a limited period of time. Then you will want to discover other airports and then other countries. The fear of having to communicate in another language is for many pilots an obstacle which keeps them postponing their first international flight. English VFR Communication can change that for you in a short period of time. 

Microlight pilots

The rules for flying microlights in European countries are getting simplified.  The number of these aircraft grows quickly as they are becoming more and more financially affordable and reliable. The GPS and navigational applications have made long distance VFR flying  and aviation tourism in general, much easier. However, even microlight pilots need to communicate with controllers in other countries. This is when English VFR Communication application comes handy.

Aviation training schools

Most student pilots wish to be able to fly abroad. This is especially valid in Europe with so many countries and languages in such a relatively small space. Teaching English communication skills is therefore becoming a natural part of pilot training. The training schools with a foresight include English communication into their syllabus. The application English VFR Communication makes this task much more professional and easier.

Aviation enthusiasts

English VFR Communication can serve also the aviation enthusiasts who wish to acquire knowledge that will help them to follow aviation communication which they can listen on radios with aviation frequencies.



On line VFR aviation English dictionary

The most complete VFR aviation English language dictionary is only one section of this Application. It contains 99% of the expressions you may expect to hear while flying internationally. This because it is base on hundreds of hours of our own VFR flights over dozens of countries all over the world. The dictionary was indeed “written in the cockpit”. To our knowledge it is also the only VFR aviation English dictionary available globally which covers and makes distinction between American and European VFR aviation English. The dictionary explains in English all the expressions used by controllers and pilots in various countries. Examples of actual communication using the expressions are also part of the dictionary.

Basic terms and expressions

Flight information

ATC instructions

Communication phraseology

(as used in European and American VFR aviation communication)







Useful aviation information

The International Web Portal Flying Revue – www.flying-revue.com follows the objective of promoting VFR aviation internationally. The international aviation Web Portal uses English as its language but some sections will also be translated into other selected languages. 

Information for pilots

Abundance of information and useful links for pilots flying internationally. You can find there information on VFR aviation regulations in most European countries - https://www.flying-revue.com/fly-europe


Here you can find records of our online reports from various Flying Revue aviation expeditions day by day - https://www.flying-revue.com/expeditions

Flight videos

Here you will find many flight videos taken during the many of our flight expeditions to various parts of the world. This section also includes videos showing landings at extreme airports. We are certain that watching at least some of these will make you wish to fly VFR and enjoy the beauty of our world for yourself - https://www.flying-revue.com/flight-videos


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31.10.2018 English VFR Communication has been endorsed by the Air Traffic Control of the Czech Republic

The application English VFR Communication has been developed with the assistance of professional ATC controllers who provided their experience and practical knowledge. The management of Air Traffic Control of the Czech Republic (Řízení letového provozu a.s.) has subsequently endorsed the Application as a useful and professional tool for improving safety in aviation. The Application received support also from the Ministry of Transport of Czech Republic and the Civil Aviation Authority of Czech Republic. more